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The Best List Ever Of Tall Women Clothing Stores

Let me help take the frustration out of online shopping!  Here is my  list of clothing stores that cater to the “TRUE” tall woman!  I’ve included a small description of each store,  helpful information and a link to shop.

Feel free to email me or comment on the post below if there is a store that I have missed that you would like to have put on the list.

This list does include a few affiliated links. This means I receive a very small commission on sales that are placed through these links.  Thank you for supporting me and making this Blog possible ?


Obviously not a Tall store, but with some searching Tall styles can be found.  Check out my blog posts HERE on all the Tall Friendly styles I’ve found!

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Alloy Apparel

“We’ve got tall covered” is their slogan.  And it appears that they do!  Pants, jeans, sweats and jumpsuits all come in….wait for it….37″ inseam!!!!  Which as you know, is a rare find!  Dresses seem to be a good length as well.  Dress models are 5’11” and the dresses hit the floor.  Prices seem pretty average as well.

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Amalli Talli

Is a clothing line started by 2 tall sisters.  If you are closer to 5’10” or 6’4″ they’ve got you covered.  They don’t have a huge selection, but the products they do have are gorgeous staples for any closet.

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American Tall

Primarily a tall men’s shop, but they do have a small women’s section targeting women with the hard to find, very tall inseams.  Jeans, leggings and sweats that come in inseams ranging from 35″-41!  They also have bodysuits for us long torso babes as well.

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This store has it ALL!  From jeans to beautiful formal dresses to swimsuits and sweats.  Make sure you select the Tall Range and then don’t waste your time searching for inseam details in the descriptions, they are located in the “size” drop down menu.  Most jeans come in 36″ with some as long as 38″!  Make sure you check out the OUTLET page.  They have some awesome steals.

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They do have a “Tall” section and I know several people rave about their products.  I found the length of the pants very disappointing.  I was only able to find one pair that had an inseam of 34″.    On the other hand it appears as though they do have several tall tops.  The reviews can be narrowed down my height which is very helpful.  They also have a selection of one pieces swimsuits in tall.  Their prices also seem quit high.  I’m eager to give it a shot and I’ll let you know when I do!

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Banana Republic

A good resource for office wear and a few jeans.  They seem to have a pretty good selection, but it takes some fishing around.    Their tall inseams range from 32″ to 35″ and the inconsistency makes shopping quite frustrating.  Same goes for their tops.  Blouses are super cute, but the sleeve lengths range from 32″ to 34″, which again makes shopping more of a scavenger hunt.  Prices are on the higher end as well.

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This is a great option for our tall Boss Babes!  These are custom tailored suits and professional attire for women.  These suits are quite expensive, but stunning.

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Boohoo Tall

Budget friendly.  I haven’t ordered anything from here before and I know there is a mixed bag of reviews.  They have no inseams listed with their products and the size chart states that only dress trousers come in 36″?.  So frustrating!    On the other hand, the length of their tall dresses looks spot on.  They also charge for shipping and returns.

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Dorothy Perkins

They have some cute things at a decent price.  Inseam details are hard to find.  From the US shipping will cost you $19.99 and returns will cost you as well.

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Eddie Bauer

Is an outdoor retailer providing tall clothing tested to withstand any outdoor activity.  Most pants come in 34″ although there are a few with a 35″ or 36″ inseam.  They also have tall tops, coats, vests…  They offer free shipping on orders over $25 and free returns.  Clothes can be on the expensive side, but they run great promotions and always have some good stuff in the clearance section.

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Elevated Closet

The Elevated Closet’s mission is to provide more clothing options for TALL women.  Owned and operated by Jordan Smith, a former WNBA player and mother of two.  At 6’4” tall, Jordan knows the struggle of trying to find clothes that fit, especially when you are expecting.  Her mission is to empower all women to follow their dreams with confidence and style!  Pants go up to 37″ inseam and they specialize in TALL MATERNITY!  Elevated closet also has shoes from size 10-15!  They do have international shipping

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Personalized Fashion at your fingertips!  You can change necklines, sleeve length and inseams.  They have a wide variety of fashions to choose from and at a reasonable price.  There is a charge for shipping, but returns are free.

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This store has it all!   From work wear to causal, dresses and athletic wear.  Slightly more expensive than some of the other options, but keep an eye out, because they run some great sales.  Tall jeans come in 35 1/2″ inseam and dress pants with inseams up to 37″!  Free shipping over $25 and free returns.

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Height Goddess

HG is a small online boutique founded by Lameka.  She produces a few pieces at a time that are always gorgeous.  HG is more than clothing, it is a community built for us tall girls.  Checkout her FB page and her Podcast.

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Height of Fashion

Height of Fashion is an Australian  fashion label designed specifically for tall women.  Jeans come with inseams of 36″ and athletic pants come with inseams up to 38″.   Their founder Natalie Matthews stands proudly at 6’3″.   International orders over AU $100 ship free, which is ~$62 US dollars.

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Hye Fashion

“At Hye Fashion we want you to feel amazing in our quality, contemporary styles that have added length to fit you, no matter your height!”  A Canadian  Company that has super cute stuff, but pretty pricey.  They have discounted shipping within Canada.  International shipping is calculated at checkout.

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Just Gear

Wait for it…. a US company that has Tall customizable sweat pants that go up to a 41″ inseam and 3XL!  Shipping costs are calculated at checkout and returns are your responsibility as well.  Unsure if they have international shipping.

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JC Penny

Penny’s seems to have a wide variety of tall tops.  Arm length is still a mystery, like many other stores.  The “tall” selection of pants is almost nonexistent.  They top out at 34″ and those are few and far between.  Prices are great and shipping is free over $49.99.  Returns are your responsibility, but you can return at any of their store locations.

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Land’s End

Looking for LONG TORSO swimsuits, than look no further!   Don’t bother with the “tall” pants, not even close!  USA orders over $75 are free of charge.

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Long Tall Sally

They have everything!  One of the Go To’s for women’s tall fashion!  Leg length goes up to 38″!  They ship globally.  Moderately expensive, but great selection.

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New Look

UK based company.  They do ship internationally, for most areas, free for orders over 65 pounds.  They have 2 pant options for tall.  “Long” is 34″ inseam and “Tall” is 36″ inseam.  They ofter tall tops and dresses as well, but no helpful measurements like torso length or arm length.  Models seems to always be 5’9″.

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New York and Company

NY&C is an American wear-to-work retailer for women.  Dress pants are 34 1/2 inseam and jeans range from 32 – 35 1/2.  They also have tall tops and blazers, but no helpful measurements of body or arm length.  They only ship to North America and shipping is free.

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UK based clothing store with a large selection of tall apparel.  They have tall pants up to 35″ inseam.  Visit their international site if you are shopping from outside the UK.

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Old Navy

Great option for tall clothes that won’t break the bank.  Some jean styles go up to 36″ inseam.  And a great selection of TALL dresses and tops.  Ships only in the USA.  Check out my latest Old Navy Try On post HERE

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Prissy Duck

Totally trendy and contemporary, Prissy Duck provides fashionable clothing to a variety of women and caters to the fashionista in all of us.  Being 6’ tall, owner/designer Stephanie Foster was frustrated with the lack of fashionable clothing available to tall women, Stephanie set out to create a clothing line that provides just that!  Using her own experiences and challenges as inspiration for her clothing, Prissy Duck has begun to bridge the fashion gap between taller women and fashionable clothes.  Inseams go up to 39″ on some styles.

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Sequoia Clothing (Coming Soon)

Sequoia Clothing is on a mission to empower badass tall women to own their adventure by providing functional outdoor apparel that fits well, looks great, and reduces unnecessary environmental harm.

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SHEIN prides itself on offering on-trend styles catering to both young women and teens, that won’t break the bank.  So whether you’re searching for boho dresses and graphic tees or patterned blouses and chic swimwear, SHEIN is the ultimate one-stop-shop for the modern yet economical fashionista. It aims to offer stylish quality products at appealing prices to every user in the world.

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Simply Tall

Moderately expensive online tall shop.  Inseams upto 37″!  They even have tall pJ pant’s with 37″ inseams!!!  Free shipping over $75 to the US.  International shipping is available, but extremely expensive.

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Talle Apparel

Tall.Sexy.Sophisticate.  Style with you in mind. The tall fashionista. We have the basics. We have the trendy stuff. Inseams 34 inches and up. #TallGirlProblems SOLVED!  Free Shipping with-in the US

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Tallmoi ( Moi pronounced tall “mwa”, French word for “me” as the tall woman’s height cannot be separated from her overall personality ) is an exclusive tall womenswear brand .  Founded by a fellow tall girl,  Bukola Bankole, who was fed up with the frustrations of finding tall girl clothes.  Pants have a 35 1/2 inseam.  And checkout their reversible line of work pants!!!  Free US shipping and international shipping costs are calculated at check out.

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Looking for EXTRA long inseams?  Talltique provides tall clothing for women 5’10” and up, but specializes inseams up to 40″!  Talltique has mostly pants, with a few other staple pieces that belong in any closet.  On the more expensive side, but they run some great sales.  Yes, they ship internationally.  During checkout put in your desired country and your shipping will be calculated.

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Tara Lynn’s Boutique

This cute shop has TALL MAXI DRESSES!!!!  They offer free shipping on purchases of $35 or more.  Check out my review post HERE (and find a coupon)

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Another UK shop and good option for tall jeans.  Inseams run up to 36″, but inseams on joggers are unclear.  Shipping to USA costs $9.95, but returns are free.

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Wexist is a streetwear brand for tall girls and tall women. Helping them embrace their height through fashion.  Joggers go up to 39 1/2″ inseam!!!

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Happy Shopping!