sunscreen is your friend

I’m guilty of going too easy on the sunscreen most of the time. I find it’s such a pain to rub it in evenly, and I usually don’t burn too badly. Yesterday was an exception, or it’s just global warming, but those rays where deathly out in the Presidio. Even my scalp got burned a bit, where my hair part is. My face has already started peeling a bit and everything is pretty uncomfortable right now. I don’t think I’ve been burned this much since that one unfortunate day at the beach when I forgot to put sunscreen on the back of my legs and we laid out for a good two hours, yikes.

I went and purchased spray sunscreen and a new bottle from Target right after I realized just how baked I was yesterday, so I’ll be sure to use them thoroughly these next few weeks and see how they stack up against the old Neutrogena favorite.

As a result, today is also a no-movement day. I’m really sucking at this exercise thing, yikes.