I don’t profess to keep the healthiest diet, but once in while, I’ll cook something that I get all impressed with myself for making because it tastes better than expected. Last time, it was some shrimp pasta with sun-dried tomato cream sauce. This time – omurice.

I sorta failed at the omelet part, but the rice more than made up for it.

Stir fry 1/2 sweet onion + shiitake mushrooms + garlic salt. Add cooked chicken thigh, also seasoned with garlic salt + a little tomato umami paste. Add cooked white rice and continue stir frying. Add ketchup and stir in. Cook omelet with egg + milk + a little cheese until wet, but not runny. Slide the egg on top and there you go.

Omurice + Burn Notice:


It’s slightly salty – I can feel the urge to drink water, but still yum.


day two

I couldn’t wake up this morning, so I did the next PIIT workout when I got home. The second-day motivation is definitely a lot more lacking than yesterday.

I got maybe 75% of the way through the 1.2 workout before deciding to stretch. It’s a little difficult to do this on the carpet in my bedroom – I’ll have to do most of these in the office. Else I’ll end up injuring myself when my yoga mat turns into a slip n’ slide.

Dinner tonight is healthy! — one of those “super greens” salads from Trader Joe’s + baked salmon w/ strawberry balsamic glaze. Plus Oreos for dessert, don’t mind me.