femba week 0: leadership foundations

I just completed my first week of business school. Academic classes haven’t started yet, but we took this week-long leadership style course in order to get to know our sections and classmates, learn more about ourselves, and lay the groundwork for the rest of the upcoming school year. All in, it was absolutely exhausting but I’m pleased with how it turned out.

We more or less had 12+ hour days and we did everything under the sun from a leadership simulation exercise, to personality assessments, to a ropes course. I don’t think I learned more about myself, per say, but I definitely was able to observe a lot about my classmates and how I can best interact with them.

A few things I came away from the week with:

1) Being in an MBA program is a lot different than being in an academic one. For one, I spoke up more than I have probably ever done. We had a public speaking class too, and I think I surprised some of my teammates because I evidently come off as ‘the quiet one’. It’s interesting, how a lot of stereotypes and first impressions come into play and I won’t say I don’t enjoy surprising people every now and then with what I can do.

2) People are nice, mostly. I’m just bad at relating with some of them.

3) I hate networking. Always have, and still do. Repeating myself over and over again is just – ugh. But I’m trying to get better at it and I hope that one day I can small talk my way in and out of every situation as easily as I eat all the ice cream in my freezer.

4) I’m looking forward to this year and I’m still terrified, but in a good way. It will be a challenge, and it will challenge me like no other. I know I have a tendency to be inflexible the instant I think someone isn’t pulling their weight and taking advantage of others in a group work situation. So I think I need to work on my tolerance and also work to not be a burden to others. So, how I balance this and learn to do more leading matters. What this means – lots and lots of introspection coming to this blog in the near future. Aha.

Overall, a good start to the year. I’m optimistic for what else there is to come.


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