well, that was a bust.

mt. tam next weekend wowee. and castle rock, if i can help it. perhaps i’ll do the little one on saturday, then the big one on sunday. my legs are shot from the running yesterday. should’ve known better.

removing diablo from the list because it only opens at 8 and i like to start around 7+.

Mission Peak – 6.5 mi, 2200 ft gain, half of half-dome
Tomales Point – 9.4 mi, 1200 ft gain, mileage
Berry Creek Falls Loop (Big Basin) – 10 mi, 2000 ft gain, waterfalls! +mileage
Alamere Falls – 8.0 mi, 1000+ ft gain
Castle Rock State Park – 5.5 mi, 1000 ft gain, lots of scrambles
Stinson Beach to Mt. Tam Loop – 16 mi, 3200 ft gain, mileage

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