hike plan update

I’ve been bad and have only done upper body workouts a couple times since Tomales Point. Between work and home drama, I’ve been distracted and off my game. Yikes.

Dad’s in town this weekend, so we’re going to hike Berry Creek Falls down at Big Basin. Should be fun. I’m going to try and do a two-fer this weekend and tackle Castle Rock too.

Mission Peak – 6.5 mi, 2200 ft gain, half of half-dome
Tomales Point – 9.4 mi, 1200 ft gain, mileage
Berry Creek Falls Loop (Big Basin) – 10 mi, 2000 ft gain, waterfalls! +mileage
Castle Rock State Park – 5.5 mi, 1000 ft gain, lots of scrambles
Mitchell Canyon-Eagle Peak Loop, Mount Diablo – 7.8 mi, 2200 ft gain, heat/endurance
Stinson Beach to Mt. Tam Loop – 16 mi, 3200 ft gain, mileage

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