change of hike plans

Sticking to an order isn’t super feasible, so I’m just going to hike them as they come. Generally, I need to up my mileage and gain some stamina for the huge 4000-5000 ft climb. This is now my to-hike list and I’ll do as many as I can:

Castle Rock State Park – 5.5 mi, 1000 ft gain, lots of scrambles
Mission Peak – 6.5 mi, 2200 ft gain, half of half-dome
Mitchell Canyon-Eagle Peak Loop, Mount Diablo – 7.8 mi, 2200 ft gain, heat/endurance
Berry Creek Falls Loop (Big Basin) – 10 mi, 2000 ft gain, waterfalls! +mileage
Stinson Beach to Mt. Tam Loop – 16 mi, 3200 ft gain, mileage
Tomales Point – 9.4 mi, 1200 ft gain, mileage
Mt. Wittenberg and Bear Valley Loop – 13.8 mi, 1800 ft gain

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