001. travel tips: upgrade your long-haul return flight! sin--sfo

Happy Friday! On my most recent trip back from Singapore in January, I decided to take the plunge and upgrade my Premium Economy seat to Business class using my Krisflyer miles. Some of my miles were due to expire in the next year or so, so I decided that ponying up 55,000 miles (after 15% discount) for my return flight would be worth it, especially since I'd been planning on heading to the office right after landing in SF. 

Travel pro-tip: upgrade yourself on the return legs of your international long-haul flights. It helps so much in terms of vacation-come down feelings (+1 for top-tier service) and energy levels if you have to be in the office the same or next day, fighting off the jet lag. 

This route is SQ's direct flight between SF and SG, on their new A350. All around, I'm glad I did it! There was almost 100% availability when I upgraded my seat back in June so I chose seat 11A, which I later found out has some of the most footrest space in the entire cabin. Here is happy me who isn't so happy to be returning home: 


As always, SQ's service was on point. I constantly had water and juice to drink, and the movies kept me busy for most of the 14 hours. I disliked the lie-flat beds, weirdly enough, and ended up getting the best nap time while semi-propped up with the seat fully reclined instead of converted. 

The only other thing I wanted to show were my Book The Cook choices for meals. On this flight, there was 1 main meal and 1 smaller one. I accidentally switched my two choices, so I ended up having breakfast for what should have been lunch and vice versa. But still delicious! 

For the first meal, there was a prosciutto appetizer, then my strawberry waffle. Lots of fresh fruit and cream: 


Later, during the second meal, I chose the Chargrilled Soya Beef Steak. This one was pretty delicious too and I took my time savoring it: 

All in, it was definitely worth it for a 14.5 hour flight. I would do it again! 

Early morning Bay Area sunrise right before landing: